Sylenth1 Demo Sounds
The sounds in the music player on the right column of this page were all fully synthesized by (one or more instances of) Sylenth1, including any drums and percussion. No external processing or sound effects have been applied to these sounds at all, not even external equalizing or dynamics processing. Everything you hear comes straight out of Sylenth 1.

Tracks Made By Sylenth1 Users
The tracks listed here are created by users of Sylenth1. Many thanks to the authors for sharing their great work!

Secret Cinema - Saccades
The main sound in this techno track from Secret Cinema was made with Sylenth1. Picked up by well known DJs such as Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Michel de Hey, Bart Skills, Remy and more, this track is a major dancefloor filler already.

DJ Space Raven vs Wavetraxx - Sandra's Song (Wavetraxx Mix)
The Swiss producer Wavetraxx used 4 instances of Sylenth1 in his latest trance creation.

Push - Universal Nation (TG-1 Remix)
This track by TG-1 is a remix of the trance classic Universal Nation. It's entirely made with Sylenth1, except for the percussion and some external effects.

Loony DJ - Lè Sylenth
Inspired by our synth, Loony DJ made this loungy Drum 'n' Bass track using 6 instances of Sylenth1. He even created a nice videoclip for it!

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Matt Remix)
The pad and bassline in this Kate Bush remix by Matt Pop were created with Sylenth1.

7 Skies pres. Ocean Cloud - TBA
Sylenth1 was used for the lead and bass in this future release by the italian producer 7 skies.

Underworld - King Of Snake (Moosbach's Dancefloor Remix)
The sub and bassline in this Underworld remix by Moosbach were made with Sylenth1.

Techno Squirrels - Unbelievable (Nebulae Remix)
Nebulae created this remix using only 8 instances of Sylenth1 and some drum and vocal samples. The CPU load was only about 20%.

Gary Must - MissAnna's Slow Groove
Everything in this track by Gary Must is made with Sylenth1, except for the drum loop.

Tour Electronique - Good Times Returned
A warm track by Tour Electronique featuring 6 instances of Sylenth1, including the wind-type soundeffect.

Faber Music - Age Of Trance
This song by Ronald Schmidt features 7 instances of Sylenth1.

Aurora Project - Dreams (Progressive Mix)
The lead and bassline in this progressive trance track from Aurora Project were created with Sylenth1.

Paul Van Dijk - For An Angel Push (TG-1 Remix)
Another remix by TG-1, again entirely made with Sylenth1, except for the piano and the percussion.

Sylenth1 Sounds
All samples are 100% Sylenth1, 192kbps mp3 and have not been processed in any way. Read more..